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This page provides wine, liquor and hospitality industry suppliers with information about Wine Trade Online and the products and services we offer.

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What is Wine Trade Online?
Online Ordering for Liquor Licensees
Product Reviews
Professional Product Photography (Bottle Shots)
Image Library Service
Featured Producer
Trade Direct Marketing
Online Advertising
The Merchant Module
Sales Force Automation

What is Wine Trade Online?

Wine Trade Online is an award-winning business-to-business marketplace for the wine, liquor and hospitality industries.

Wine producers, breweries, importers, distributors and trade merchants can promote their wines, beers, spirits and other products on Wine Trade Online. A basic product listing is FREE!

Liquor licensees (retail stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels, sports clubs etc.) can use Wine Trade Online to order products, either directly from the producer, the importer or from the principal distributor, all at Trade prices.

Consumers can use Wine Trade Online to learn about wine and liquor products and their producers. They cannot order directly through the website, but are directed to a retailer from whom they can purchase the product.

The Wine Trade Online website also features wine, liquor and hospitality industry news, trade specials, promotions, product reviews, an image library and a wide range of facilities and services that are sophisticated yet easy to use.

We offer a range of related sales, marketing and promotional services.
Each of these services are explained below...

Online Ordering
for Liquor Licensees

For businesses selling to restaurants, bars, hotels, caterers or liquor retailers, Wine Trade Online offers a new, additional sales channel that is easily accessible to every New Zealand liquor licensee.

Online Ordering for Liquor Licensees
Buyers must hold a current New Zealand Liquor Licence.

Wine Trade Online covers all main centres and outlying regions efficiently and effectively, with all orders immediately forwarded directly to the vendor for invoicing and fulfilment.

For businesses that buy wine, beer, spirits or food supplies, Wine Trade Online provides the convenience of ordering at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Buyers pay the same trade prices as buying direct from their usual trade supplier because they are buying directly from their usual trade supplier. Wine Trade Online simply provides an online interface between the vendor and the buyer.

Each supplier has their own private Supplier Zone, through which they can administer their catalogue of products, prices, orders, images and downloads. Freight rates, discounts, awards, reviews etc., can all be managed quickly and easily, as can sales-reps and their customers.

Basic Product Listings on Wine Trade Online are FREE with no set-up fees, commissions or service fees.

A Basic Product Listing does not include a product image. For information about our professional product image service, please see below.

Please call 09 816 9393 for more information or to list your products, please complete our online form or download, complete and return one of the downloadable files below...

Please CLICK HERE to download
Please CLICK HERE to download
For 1 - 10 Products
Service Order & Authority
(128KB PDF)
For 10+ Products
Service Order & Authority
(40KB PDF)

Product Reviews

Wine Trade Online publishes wine reviews and sends them by personalised email to around 3,000 New Zealand wine retailers, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

These liquor licensees can order any product reviewed at the click of a button, directly from the producer or from their principal distributor, at trade prices. And there are no commissions or transaction fees on Wine Trade Online.

There is no charge for Product Reviews, but publishing on the website and in our emails requires production of a product image, for which there is a cost of $60+GST. We include a quality downloadable product image with every wine reviewed so retailers can easily add your wine and review to their website and include it in their newsletters and publicity emails.

All reviews are achived on the Wine Trade Online website and can be accessed at any time. To see the Reviews section, please click here.

Reviews are by Colin Ford who has over 20 years of wine industry experience in New Zealand and overseas and is a regular tasting panellist for WineNZ Magazine.

Wines, beers, spirits, liqueurs and non-alcoholic beverages are all accepted for review, however, only products receiving a three, four or five star review will be published.

To arrange a product review, please click here.

Professional Product Photography (Bottle Shots)

Professional, quality product images are an important and powerful marketing resource. They represent the quality and reliability of your products and your brand.

Our professionally produced product images use a custom angle and lighting scheme that has been specially developed for Wine Trade Online to yield a uniform, high quality image that gives realism and depth at a very reasonable price.

For each product, we can supply the image in two files, one optimised for web purposes and one for print purposes.

Web Images: We supply one image file for each product, optimised for web purposes. Ideal for use on your website or those of your distributors and retail clients - and for use in email. Web-images are not suitable for print purposes.

Resolution: 72dpi
Colour Profile: RGB
Format: JPEG
Approx Size: 60 pixels x 195 pixels

Web Image Fees per Product

Print Images: We can supply a second copy of the image for each product, optimised for print purposes; glossy magazine quality, A4 in size.

CLICK TO VIEW a Sample Print Image
Resolution: 300dpi
Colour Profile: sRGB
Format: JPEG (other formats available on request)
Approx Size: A4 (1100 pixels x 3600 pixels)

Please click the image at left to download a full-sized version.

ADD: $25+GST per product
To Web Image Fee

Please call 09 816 9393 for more information.

To order images please complete our online form or download, complete and return one of the downloadable files below...

Please CLICK HERE to download
Please CLICK HERE to download
For 1 - 10 Products
Service Order & Authority
(128KB PDF)
For 10+ Products
Service Order & Authority
(40KB PDF)

Image Library Service

Over time, businesses accumulate a wide range of marketing resources such as product images, brand elements, product information, point of sale materials, audio and video files et cetera.

With Wine Trade Online's Image Library, product images and marketing materials can be easily accessed and downloaded for free by liquor licensees , importers, distributors and media outlets.

Marketing materials become easier to access, manage, distribute and reuse and only the right people gain access to the right materials for their needs.

Wine Trade Online web images are automatically added to the image library at no aditional cost.

To visit the Image Library, please click here.

Print-mages and other files stored in the Image Library attract a monthly fee of $3.50+GST per product.

Featured Producer

The Featured Producer section of Wine Trade Online showcases a wine, beer or liquor producer, in-depth, and is accessible to consumers and trade site users alike.

Featured Producer web-lets include in depth information about the features and philosophy of the producer, and what makes the brand unique.

Each Featured Producer web-let remains current for at least one calendar month and is then archived is available to viewed by users at any time by simply selecting from a menu.

To view the Featured Producer section, please click here.

The Featured Producer Fee is $350+GST.

Trade Direct Marketing

Email provides powerful marketing tool, but one with many technical and legal pitfalls for the inexperienced. Wine Trade Online's expertise, experience and advanced systems make email marketing simple and affordable.

We respect our customers' privacy. All email marketing is permission-based and our email lists remain confidential.

Wine Trade Online's advanced CRM and email management systems enable our clients to target branding and promotional offers for maximum effectiveness.

To talk about Trade Direct Marketing, please call 09 816 9393.

Online Advertising

Advertising on Wine Trade Online is a great way to reinforce a brand, promotional activity or event with a highly targetted market.

Wine Trade Online's audience is composed of New Zealand liquor licensees looking for products, information, news and events - and they are ready to buy.

And consumers with an interest in wine and liquor use Wine Trade Online to find product information, news and events.

Advertising campaigns can be designed to suit any budget with a range of delivery options to choose from based on banner impressions or clicks.

We provide detailed daily reports of banner impressions and click-throughs on a weekly basis, via email and we can customise reporting frequency by request.

To discuss your online advertising campaign, please call 09 816 9393.

The Merchant Module™

The Merchant Module integrates Wine Trade Online's ordering facilities with those of a Supplier's regional sub-distributors, trade merchants or sales offices.

Integration with Allied Liquor, Tasman Liquor or Gilmours for example, can be delivered on both a regional and license type basis.

Further, the Merchant Module can be configured if required, so that certain customer groups (on-premise for example) can only order through the available sub-distributors, rather than directly through the producer or principal distributor. More-over, permissions can be set applying to individual customer accounts too.

The Merchant Module provides a way to give the trade customer the choice to direct all or part of their order to their preferred local trade merchant.

To discuss the benefits of the Merchant Module, please call 09 816 9393.

Sales Force Automation

The Pocket Rep Zone provides an effective and flexible sales force mobilisation solution. It enables a sales person to place orders for trade customers instantly from the field, directly through their sales office or through the customer's preferred merchants.

It has very advanced functions and yet is very easy to use.

Sales Force Automation
The Pocket Rep Zone is fast and inexpensive to implement and the gains in order accuracy, time efficiency and sales force productivity can be very compelling.

For more information about The Pocket Rep Zone, please call 09 816 9393.

Wine Trade Online Limited
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Auckland 0604
Telephone: 09 816 9393
Mobile: 022 484 2810

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